Celo Fee Currency With Viem

Signing With Viem WalletClient

With Viem's built in Celo transaction serializer and Celo block/transaction formatters it is easy to build a wallet that supports Celo's ability to pay gas fees with various erc20 tokens. Simply, import a Celo chain from `viem/chain`` and pass it to Viem's `createWalletClient`. Once the client is created you can add the feeCurrency field to your transaction with the address of the token you want to use for gas.

Example and Demo

  import { celo } from 'viem/chains'
  import { createWalletClient, privateKeyToAccount, type SendTransactionParameters, http } from 'viem'

  const account = privateKeyToAccount(PRIVATE_KEY)

  // ALFAJORES ADDRESS: Celo Mainnet can be fetched from the registry
  const cUSDAddress = '0x874069Fa1Eb16D44d622F2e0Ca25eeA172369bC1'

  const localAccountClient = createWalletClient({
    chain: celo,

  const sendTransaction = (tx: SendTransactionParameters<typeof celo>) => {
    return localAccountClient.sendTransaction(tx)

  const hash = await sendTransaction({
    feeCurrency: cUSDAddress,
    value: BigInt(100000000),
    to: '0x22579CA45eE22E2E16dDF72D955D6cf4c767B0eF',

Transaction Info

Signing With WalletConnect Wallet

If you have a wallet that supports serializing feeCurrency you can use viem to send the transaction to that wallet for signing.

Example and Demo

    import { useWalletClient, usePublicClient } from 'wagmi'
    import { type SendTransactionParameters } from 'viem'

    const client = useWalletClient({chainId:celoAlfajores.id})
    const publicClient = usePublicClient()

    const tx: SendTransactionParameters<typeof celoAlfajores> = {
        account: client.data?.account!,
        feeCurrency: cUSDAddress.data,
        maxFeePerGas: BigInt(700000),
        maxPriorityFeePerGas: BigInt(700000),
        value: BigInt(100000000000000000),
        to: '0x22579CA45eE22E2E16dDF72D955D6cf4c767B0eF',

      const gas = await publicClient.estimateGas(tx)
      const hash = await client.data?.sendTransaction({...tx, gas})
      const receipt = await publicClient.waitForTransactionReceipt({hash})

Transaction Info